Welcome to Wealthman India !

About Wealthman India

We listen intently with intent to understand your financial concerns. Our approach to create awareness and to simplify difficult financial decisions comes from our time tested and disciplined financial plan and a pool of thought leaders who invest their time and efforts in serving the right financial needs of the customer.

We are Certified Financial Planners with expertise in Comprehensive Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Risk Management, and Business Consulting. Our clients come from all walks of life, and for all types of reasons.

Integrity, honesty and sound advice along with a focus on the delivery of high level service, that’s what we believe in. We build and maintain long term relationships by educating and updating client on plan progress.

We at Wealth Man India, establish financial goals based on the client values, priorities & needs in terms of liquidity, their risk taking ability & returns on their investment. Understanding the clients past financial experience and what their money represents to them, is an important part in building their portfolio. We then can educate the client accurately on various investment alternatives. We also update and adjust the plan in order to address concerns as the client moves though different seasons of life or takes unexpected turns.

Right Financial Monitoring

Financial planning starts from monitoring your finances. We look and care about your incoming and outgoing money so that we can give you the best advice when it comes to money.

Balanced Asset Allocation

Allocating assets, as you move forward in your investment cycle becomes increasingly difficult. For a return that truly reflects your investments, we always focus on a better and balanced allocation of your assets.

Detailed Research

Research forms the backbone of any financial consulting and that's why we believe in detailed research before we start. Our approach towards research is a combination of market insights and data-backed industry trends.

Long – term Investment Strategy

A journey of thousand miles must have started from a single step. We believe that for a better and sustained future, a long –term investment strategy should be in place without falling for short-term gain.

Every Question Answered

We know that you have concerns about the way money moves. We are here to dispel all of the worries you ever had about your investments with our best financial domain experts.

Direction to Decisions

You can have steering when it comes driving your investments. We just are your GPS pointing towards market trends and investment scenarios that will mark your financial journey and make it free of worries.